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What to wear to a JOB INTERVIEW

November 3, 2019

Getting dressed can be a stressful task, especially when there’s an interview involved. Not only do you want to appear professional, but you also want to look like a good fit for the company and its culture.

So, first of all, which kind of company are you applying to work for?

If the business is formal, a white shirt and black pants will make an excellent option. If the company is a start-up, on the other hand, you can be more creative and casual. In most cases, an outfit that appears professional and smart without seeming stuffy will be perfect.

Don't forget that one of the most important things in a job interview is the : IMAGE.

Many of the HR recruiters will first look at your appearance, so you want to have a appropriate dress code.

Learn more about the company culture and expectations depending if you're a candidate for a corporate position or for a more laid-back casual position. In both cases, being well-groomed with clean, untattered clothes is always required. 


You need to consider also that the accessories you are wearing are not too flashy. I would advice you to wear a large and classic bag that matches your outfit and make you more professional.

Below you can see my propose for an interview outfit, that is classic but not too much.


  1. Light makeup and a limited amount of perfume

  2. Clean neatly manicured nails

  3. Conservative shoes

  4. Limited jewelry

  5. Keep you hair up

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