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VKK - The Perfect Facial Brush for Deep Cleansing

Working in the beauty industry I know how undervalued cleansing is..

Daily facial cleansing is the basic step for keeping skin healthy and young-looking for longer. But do you know how to choose a perfect cleansing brush for your skin?

Whether we wear make-up or not, cleansing the face is vital for preventing future skin problems, such as premature aging, imperfections or blemishes.

As a rule, we should ideally cleanse twice a day, in the morning and at night, before proceeding with the usual beauty routine.

In this post, I will introduce you a perfect cleansing brush for deep cleaning and explain you WHY is so important to use it in your routine.


Yes, you need also a brush !!!

Today I'll introduce you not an ordinary facial cleansing brush, but one that it do all the work.

It will help you CLEANING AND HYDRATING YOUR SKIN (thanks to a very special warm sonic wave).

Product description:

✔ DEEP CLEANSING: 3-in-1 electric face wash brush with with makeup remover, cleaning and import function, cleansing model has three speeds, gently remove stubborn makeup, exfoliate, deep clean pores, reduce breakouts and remove blackheads.

✔ WARMLY IMPORT: Use it with your favorite serums and creams, warmly import can help absorb better. Feel confidence with a deeper, cleaner, younger, more beautiful complexion.

✔ SKIN FRIENDLY: 100% Food grade silicone, safe and non-irritating, suitable for all skin types. Wave vibration transmission, accelerate facial blood circulation, revitalize the skin.

Know about VKK facial cleansing brush

Compared to ordinary face cleaner, VKK electric brush is not only for normal face cleansing, but also can attache cotton pad on magnetic stainless steel ring to help makeup remover.VKK Brush can also promote essence absorption with warm ultrasonic wave, the other side can massage and shape V-line your face. It do not replace the battery and only charge with USB.

These are the 4 steps to follow to correctly use this device:

Makeup Remover

① Remove the magnetic suction ring,put a cotton on the makeup remover area.

② Use magnetic ring to clamp the makeup cotton.

③ Open and adjust the vibration frequency.Sonic vibration assists the makeup removal.

④ long press to shut down.


① Use a proper amount of facial cleanser to put it in the area of the brush and wet the face with water.

② start the system. Sonic vibration assists deep cleaning.

③ After the cleansing, long press the power mode key to shut down.

Essence Absorption

① Spread the essence evenly on the face, switch on the device and press button shortly to switch to the absorption mode.

② The shift button can adjust the current intensity.

③ Use the absorption function, Sonic vibration assists tapping.

Shaping and V-Line Lifting

① Long press the power mode button to start,sonic wave assisting in lifting and massage.

② According to yourself to adjust the vibration frequency.

③ Shape and lift the area to fit the skin upwards.

④ finish and shut down.

My opinion on VKK (after 1 month of use):

It is brilliant for removing make up but more than that it leaves your skin feeling amazing. The shape is perfect. It's designed so well. I find it really relaxing to use. Lots of vibration settings to choose from too. I feel so fresh after using this. I've gone from never having heard of these before to using one daily.

If you want to shop this brush, go at www.myvkk.com and get your own!

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